Barbara Bordnick

16 05 2011

Barbara Bordnick is a portrait and fashion photographer.  She began her career in Paris and Copenhagen but over time returned to New York and from their her life as a photographer began to take off.  She has permanent exhibits in art museums all over the place from The International Center of Photography in New York to the Polaroid Collection in Massachusetts.  My favorite photos of hers are her photos of flowers.  Her photos show the little intricate details of the flowers and shows how beautiful even something as simple as a flower can be.  One of my favorites is of a very vibrant, yellow flower that looks as if it hasn’t completely bloomed and the pods in the center of the flower are gently nestled away under the cover of the sea of petals.  Another reason I took interest into her photography is because we have been taking photos of the native plants all over San Diego and her work gave me inspiration to find different angles in which the flower or plant could look the most beautiful.  She shows that you don’t need the entire subject in frame in order for it to be a good photograph.  Barbara Bordnick is a truly amazing and inspiring photographer.  Not only can she show the true beauty in a simple plant but also with fashion and the exquisite beauty of the human body.


David Maisel

16 05 2011

One of my favorite photographers is David Maisel.  His photographs range from ones of arbitrary household items to elements of society that, in his eyes, destroy the natural beauty of the world and represent the destruction of natural beauty by man.  These types of pictures are my favorite because nature should not be destroyed it should be saved.  Maisel’s gallery “The Forest” focuses on the massive deforestation of Northern Maine’s forests.  The pictures show hundreds of logs that have been cut down floating down the river.  The amount of logs alone is the most disgusting part of the picture.  These photographs have been compared to those of a civil war battlefield with massive amounts of destruction.  His pictures convey feelings of destruction and war.  The human race has always destroyed the planet and we are only destroying it at a faster rate because of the advancements in technology.  Maisel also has gallery’s of ordinary items that he shows in a different light.

The gallery “Library of Dust” has pictures that he took inside of an abandoned insane asylum.  He takes the decrepit and rusted objects that he finds inside of the asylum and shows how beautiful they can truly be.  His photographs of the rusted canisters area amazing because all the corrosion and has a range of colors and his pictures emphasize that greatly.  He also photographed the asylum itself.  It really shows that even when the place was open it was a pretty scary place.  David Maisel is an amazing photographer and I can’t wait to see what other work he will do in the future.


9 05 2011

Today we went to shoot at a ceremony for the Luiseño Tribe and the members that are involved at our school.  The ceremony was in the reading room at school and we took portrait pictures outside on the balcony.  Deborah and her the others that collaborated with her created a book and presented a book to most of the members of the tribe.  It was really cool because everyone that got the book seemed to really enjoy it and I really enjoyed attending the event.

Cacti at the Rincon

9 04 2011

This week for class we went to the Rincon Indian Reservation.  There I saw many different ways of preparing cactus.  They had salsa, a pork, cactus and chili dip, and also a cactus omelette, and they were all delicious.  At the reservation there was an are with children playing basketball at some sort of day care center and there were also baseball fields and water fountains for the kids to play in.  The entire area was very nice and peaceful and I hope to visit there again soon.


28 03 2011

Today for class we went around school and tried to find all of the letters of the alphabet without taking pictures of actual letters.  This a little bit challenging at first but once my imagination got going it turned out to be really fun.  It was fun to try to find the different angles of objects to try and make it into a certain letter.  Heres what I found.

Studio Shoot

26 03 2011

Today was the first day I went into the studios at our school.  It was actually a lot more than i bargained for.  It looked like a legitimate set where they would have a professional photoshoot.  I learned a lot about lighting and the different shadows that are created from lights at different angles and intensities.  It was also a lot of fun model for the pictures I think everyone had a lot of fun shooting and posing for the pictures.  I hope we get another chance to get back in the studio this semester.

Sierra Lansing

Tatianna Montoya

Brittany Gallante

Crystal Graziano

Sierra Lansing

Zach Patton

Will Orantes

Diggin at the Reservation

21 02 2011

This week we went to the San Pasquel Indian Reservation and listened to the elders speak about their land and culture with a couple of other classes from school.  Just listening to what they had to say was very interesting and the landscape itself was quite beautiful as well.  When they were finished talking they gave a demonstration of a traditional indian blessing for the plants that the ethnobotany class had just planted.  I learned about plants that grew naturally there that are edible and I thought that was pretty cool.  The whole history and culture is very interesting and I hope to learn more.